Red tape regulation cuts continue

Simplification of health and safety laws and employment tribunals are to be included in ongoing measures to cut business red tape, business minister Michael Fallon has announced.

The Government's latest Statement of New Regulation details all regulations, including EU measures, which are to come into force in the next six months, as well as regulations removed under its 'one-in one-out' rule.

Key regulations - estimated to save businesses over £5 million annually - include:

  • Employment tribunals: simplification of procedures to make tribunals more efficient, flexible and proportionate for small businesses. Includes making settlements easier and the introduction of a salary based compensation cap
  • Health and safety: simplified reporting processes for injuries and removal of employers' strict liability for employee injuries
  • Environmental regulations: rationalisation of information requests for regulators and simplification of requirements making them easier to understand. Estimated to save businesses more than £1 billion over 10 years
  • Vehicle regulations: simplification of requirements regarding vehicle ownership, insurance checks and removal of annual statutory off road notifications.

Business minister Michael Fallon said: "We remain on course to achieve our radical ambition of reducing the cost of regulation over the course of this Parliament. This Statement details important measures that will ease unnecessary demands on small firms, alongside essential reforms that will make our economy fairer."

The full Sixth Statement of New Regulation can be found online on the Governments' website.

Please get in touch if you think your business may be affected by any of the new regulations.