Example Banner Content:

In the example banners below we want to show you a few different ways in which we could write about your firm. 

First impressions are everything so we want to make sure we put out a great first message. We can write them in many different ways such as SEO focus (accountants in [location]), with more creative marketing flair, with a service or sector focus, the list goes on. 

Example 1: Accountants for Sole Trades, Ltd Companies & Partnerships based in the West Midlands

Your partner in business in Torquay, Carlisle, and the surrounding areas.

Example 2: Business advice in Stourbridge

Your partner in business in Torquay, Carlisle, and the surrounding areas.

Example 3: Sorting your problems out proactively

Accountants for businesses, sole traders & partnerships

Example About Content:

Finding you opportunities to grow

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to do more with your money. Whether that’s through your business, your personal projects, or your family life, everything’s better when you have the support you need.

We’re Accountants based in Stourbridge, but offering support across the surrounding areas.

Example writing:

Sample copy #1

Pick up the phone, give us a call, let’s see what we can do for you.

Our workflow is simple. Give us the problem, we’ll tell you how to fix it.

We’ll always tell you things straight up, no filter, and not without considering every option.

Sample copy #2

Don’t worry about your business plan any longer. It’s a process – so as soon as you reframe it as such, you’ll feel more confident.

We’ll talk to you about your goals and ideas for the future, giving you the balance and understanding that have grown with us over years of business experience.


Writer’s statement

Jordan & co exists to help businesses and individuals with their problems through effective and honest communication.

They do this through effective advice and a wide range of services. There is no room for bluster, sentiment or negativity. Honesty, strength and calmness under pressure are vital.

Writers Statement: 

After talking to you, looking through your existing site, and reflecting this is what you do:

Jordan & Co likes to get to the point – you don’t waste anyone’s time in over labouring your advice. 

You’re accountants based in Stourbridge, who service clients in Torquay, Carlisle, and the surrounding areas. People come to you with a problem, and you get it sorted.

Your voice should be full of warmth, honesty but with no bullshit. 

The copy should read like a snappy discussion. Drawing the reader in with short sentences. Occasionally using a question to keep them intrigued.

That means no jargon or overly-complicated language, and that you want your clients to feel comfortable with you as a firm before they pick up
the phone.

Use exclamation marks only where really appropriate.

Use contractions freely to convey a warm tone.

Start sentences with ‘and’ or ‘but’ only where appropriate.


How do you make clients feel?

“Absolute stars”

“Trust is a rare commodity”

We get to know their history

“They’re not used to having things like a pre-year meeting”

We talk to our clients

What do you do best?

We take businesses forward, and realise their potential – find the right marketplace for people.

We’ll start with a clean piece of paper and find the direction they need.

Pointing people in the right areas, we’ll hold their hand, not being overly aggressive.

We don’t take people on an accountancy path, we take them down an advisory path.