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You know what it’s like, sitting down at the end of the day and going through the books and accounts when you should be relaxing. But should you really be spending your downtime making sure the books are balanced when someone else could do it for you?

That’s where we come in. The team at Jordan & Co will take over your bookkeeping and accounting processes, giving you some well-deserved rest.

Bookkeeping and accounting go hand-in-hand, and so really should be done together by the same accountant. Well-maintained books with all your incomings and outgoings recorded accurately will make getting your statutory accounts together much easier, so we make sure to stay on top of our duties.

With a good set of books, you’ll then be able to effectively manage your cashflow and ensure you’re as profitable as possible.

If we find any areas where you could afford to cut back, we’ll let you know and discuss your options without the jargon or any nonsense.

You want to understand what is happening with your money and how to make it go further. You ask, and we provide.

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