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If you’re the owner of a limited company, a contracted worker or a sole trader, you’re legally required to file a self-assessment tax return with HMRC each year.

In this return, you’ll be setting out how much you’ve earned over the year and calculating how much tax you owe once your allowances and expenses are taken into account.

But if you file your return even a day late or make any minor errors, you may face an HMRC investigation and incur possible fines if you haven’t paid enough tax.

As a firm of expert accountants, we can take this off your hands and make sure all of your tax obligations are met, and HMRC is kept happy. All the numbers will be accurate, and only the tax you owe will be paid (HMRC won’t open an investigation when someone overpays!).

We’ll also look into tax reliefs to help you reduce your tax bill and keep more of your hard-earned money. And, when the time comes, we’ll keep you compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD).

If you’re a director of a limited company, we’ll help you look into benefits in kind and bring your tax bill down by exploring a wage made up of salary and dividends. We take the stress of taxes away from our clients and leave them with more of their hard-earned cash.

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