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Whatever you’re planning on doing with your retirement, whether it be seeing more of the world or simply just relaxing and spending time with your family, it will take some planning and financial strategising.

Our team can sit down with you and discuss your retirement goals. Once we’ve set those out, we’ll take a look at your finances, how long you want to be working and how much we can help you save back, so you have a comfortable pension pot set aside.

When paying into a pension pot, you need to consider your annual and lifetime allowances. Unfortunately, a workplace and state pension alone probably won’t be enough, so we’ll guide you on any other ways you can save throughout your lifetime.

If you exceed your allowances, then you won’t receive tax relief on any of your contributions that exceed the tax year limit, and it will become taxable on your income.

This is where talking to a team like the one at Jordan & Co will help. We can guide you on how much to save so you don’t end up spending too much on HMRC bills. We’ll also help you think about any later care plans and costs just in case you fall ill and need extensive healthcare.

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