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Like any business owner or entrepreneur, it pays to know how you should operate. Construction is no different. Understanding your workers’ status – whether they’re contractors or subcontractors – is a vital part of building a business that can sustain itself and grow naturally.

We always advise construction businesses to incorporate into a limited company and ensure you have proper insurance. We can then assist with your day-to-day affairs, (payroll, bookkeeping etc), all taken care of. We’ll also help you perform a skills check and provide you with advice and guidance you can use in your future operations.

The CIS (construction industry scheme) has potential to cause you and your team a headache. With our support, this will be a thing of the past. We’ll keep you updated and compliant and assist you in making your business as visible as possible with a watertight marketing plan.

In the long run, your business should be better managed, have a clear trajectory for growth and a strong workforce that learns and grows alongside you.

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