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There are several ways to reduce your inheritance tax bill once you’ve died, which is essential if you want to leave as much as possible to your loved ones.

One main route to take is by setting up a number of trusts for your family, which will act as a safehold for your money and assets out of the hands of HMRC.

You can set up a trust for during your lifetime and for once you’ve gone. To do so, you will need to name an executor.

The trusts team at Jordan & Co can act as an executor on your behalf, making sure everything is looked after. The trusts will be safe and secured until the time comes when your beneficiaries are ready to access them, as per your instructions.

If you already have an executor in mind, we can help set up the trust under their name and make sure they are legally recognised as the executor of your estate.

As well as land, money and property, trusts can also be used to hold private company shares from previous investments or part of a company you may own.

If you have any questions about trusts and executorships, get in touch with our team. Together with our estate planning service, you can ensure everything is planned for and secure your family’s future.


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