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You want to do the best you can to make sure your loved ones aren’t left wanting for anything once you’ve died. You probably also don’t want them to have to deal with drawn-out tax processes during their period of mourning. But without the necessary planning, you can lose a large portion of your estate to the Revenue, throwing away years of hard work and leaving your loved ones with extra stress.

It can all seem like a lot to think about while you still have your health, but with life being so unpredictable, you can’t afford to not get a head start on it.

Our estate planning team will make sure this doesn’t happen and that your family is taken care of in the future.

Making use of trusts and executorships, allocating assets and wealth while you’re alive and even giving gifts and donating to charity, you’re helping to reduce your inheritance tax bill. As ever with HMRC, there are rules and traps to catch you out, so advice in this area is highly recommended.

We can also sit down with you and discuss your plans and help you think about writing your will. If you’re unsure of an executor to keep an eye over your estate when the time comes, we can offer support for that too.

Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Get in touch with our estate planning experts today and see how we can help you minimise your inheritance tax bill for you and your family.


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